FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. How long after the burial is the memorial or gravestone erected?

We would recommend that you don’t erect a stone until at least six months after the burial as this allows the ground to settle, thus avoiding the possibility of the stone leaning. The six month rule applies to cemetery burial and does not apply to cremation memorials or vases.

2. Does the location of memorial affect the choice of design?

Both the design of the memorial and the material from which it is made will be governed by the regulations of the cemetery in which it is to be placed. The proposed memorial will be submitted to the relevant authority for approval before work goes ahead.

3. Which memorials should be chosen for a cemetery?

If the stone is to be placed in a public cemetery the local council may have provided you with an outline of the regulations when you purchased the grave. If not we will be able to advise you.
4. Can a design, emblem or picture be engraved on the memorial?
In addition to words, you might wish to have a picture or emblem (etching) particular to the person remembered. Our skilled craftsmen will be able to reproduce almost any design you wish, according to the stone you choose, to produce a truly unique memorial. We can even create an etching copied from a cherished photograph or a favourite image that represents their life.
5. Which style of lettering should be used on the memorial?
We will be able to advise you on the style of lettering for the memorial. A Roman or Gothic font are classic choices. A heading in Old English can be very distinctive but can be difficult to read. Italics might be used for a quote from a poem or religious text.
6. Which stone should be chosen for the memorial?
All of the designs which you will find on this website may be made from a variety of materials. In addition to the cemetery’s regulations, the location of the grave may be a factor. In an exposed area, such as an open hillside, a memorial in a softer stone such as Portland might weather more quickly than one in granite. A marble material could stain if erected in a wooded area.
7. What types of stone are available?
Black Granite, Blue Pearl Granite, Red Granite Indian Red, Light Grey Granite
There is a wide choice of other material and colours available. The variety of colour is dependent on the minerals and geological conditions present when the rock was formed. Some stones may be more widely available than others at certain times. The finished surface can be polished, honed or even rustic
8. Which types of stone are easier to maintain?
You might also wish to consider how much time you will be able to devote to looking after the memorial. Some types of stone are harder wearing or easier to clean than others. For example a polished granite memorial can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. A marble memorial may in time require special treatment to restore it to its full glory. Letters carved into granite will retain their sharpness for many years.
9. What happens once the memorial design has been chosen?
Once you have chosen a design and decided upon wording and illustration that it should carry, our craftsmen will work to ensure that the materials, the artwork and the engraving are of the highest standard. Each of our memorials are individually made and the lettering hand finished so that the memorial is a unique and fitting tribute to your loved one.
10. How is the memorial erected?
Once a memorial has been chosen we will apply to the church or cemetery authorities on your behalf, for permission to erect the stone on the grave (a fee is usually paid to the authorities at this time).We will ensure that the stone is properly erected on a concrete foundation with due care and dignity and respect to the person it commemorates.
11. Can I see some examples of memorials?
Please browse this website to see examples of memorials we have produced and to learn about the many services our memorial masons can provide.
12. Where should I go for more help and advice?
One of our knowledgeable staff can discuss your individual requirements. He or she will be able to answer any questions you have and advise you on how to choose a fitting memorial.

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